Perseids, Pool

Iz and Seymour were both crazy enough to get up at 2 A.M. for their own little Perseids party. As TLF and I gruntingly declined to join the festivities, we later got to hear her blow-by-blow (a recounting that apparently failed to intrigue Iz's classmates): "And there were meteors going up and down and horizontally but those were different because the Perseids themselves were actually all going this way and we saw a red giant and Mars again...".

As if that wasn't enough mind blowing for one 24-hour stretch, she spent her late afternoon watching her mom doing flips off the diving board at Satan's pool. TLF said Iz was goggle-eyed, most likely because my daughter has rarely seen me do anything more exciting than chase her brother down the driveway. The sight of her mom hurtling through the air must have impressed Iz somewhat, because she then jumped off the board herself several times--something she'd until then fussed and whined about.

My few pool moments of flipping, diving, and dolphining (while wonderful TLF held Mali) exceeded the bliss quotient of the randy dreams I've been having since Mali started solids, I started nursing less, and my hormones started reasserting themselves. A welcome treat for my otherwise too-exhausted-to-pursue-bliss waking self. For a moment, I even missed my native land and its countless backyard pools.


My God does Leelo love the pool--possibly even more than I do. What a great little swimmer. Thank heavens for Babysitter A and her infinite patience with Leelo wanting to swim back and forth between the two of us for 20 minutes straight.


Mali officially perfected getting herself into a seated position today. She did so at every possible opportunity, and punctuated each event by clapping her hands while staring at us intently. This was our key to clap and cheer and tell her what an amazing baby she was. She would then break out her smiles and special supremely pleased, butt wiggling, arm circling, rhythmic squealing happy dance.

Mali is neither pleased nor displeased by the pool. Perhaps I will leave her in the nursery next time, so I can spend more time hogging the diving board.

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