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Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

I even did my best to answer the questions honestly, for once. Yeah! I think this is my legitimate MB type as well. (Thanks to Jo Spanglemonkey for the quiz.)

Pant Pant Pant. Seymour's super-secret birthday party is over. It was a blast that took the roof off the house. People actually ate all the food Ep and Clyde kindly fetched--the leftovers fit in a pint container instead of taking several fridge shelves. That has never happened before.

The music was transcendent; were I to suddenly acquire an encyclopedic knowledge of classical Indian music I could not have planned a better set than the one the musicians came up with on their own. The veena player had a gorgeous, natural-sounding alto, rather than the nasal Bollywood-style pipes I'd rather experience via background music. I've never sat so close to someone singing in microtones. Her vocal control had me transfixed, but sadly the musicians were only available to play for an hour. I was left wanting more more more! However their timing was good as we hadn't yet sung Seymour Happy Birthday, and we had a room full of hungry cake sniffers eaters making grumbly sounds about the chocolate/chocolate/chocolate delight they'd been led to expect.

The crowd was a great mix. Badger, Jo, and Manny did a drive by to fete Seymour even though it meant they had to run like hell to make another event aftewards. Guests in addition to those mentioned above included Ambah and new beau Tracy, Murphy, My parents (expected), my hermanito and his family (surprise to me as well as Seymour), Anya and Carys, Wyoming, neighbors Kan and Dim, cafe and Seymour cycling friends Diki and Tan, JP and Dean, Babysitter A, Godmother Stacy (arranger of musicians) and partner, and all associated children. Wish I'd had more time to chat with them all.

Not one bit of the party would have happened without TLF's and Babysitter A's and my cousin Dean's help in watching Mali/Iz, Leelo, and Seymour, respectively. Dean lured Seymour out for five hours of cycling while I frantically prepped the house.

Abrupt ending because I am wonky-tired.

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