Nothing Makes an Anniversary Special Like Fresh Cat Urine

Seymour and I returned from a really great night of mellow togetherness (Aiplewood pizza, book gluttony at Kaplers across the street, and then the very silly but diverting Episode III) to find that Scabby the cat had somehow been locked in our room for longer than five minutes and so of course had peed all over and through our comforter, right down to the mattress. It was past midnight by the time we discovered the scenario. Big fat sigh.

Also Leelo has been refusing to go to bed before 10:30 P.M. for the last week. You want some irony? This spell began the very evening after I took our boy to the Stanffford sleep clinic, where after hearing some of the doctor's horror stories I was thinking how lucky we were to have a boy who was a tolerably good sleeper, and who was usually down by 9:00. I suspect it has something to do with our taking him off the antifungal Amph0tericin after last week's barf fest. He wasn't keeping it down anyhow and the two-month course was pretty much run through.

Tomorrow is godmother Stacy's shower. I hope it isn't too dull; I've not done much for it, and am specifically having it at a restaurant to minimize prep and cleanup. Godfather M is coming early (on BRAT, which conveniently deposits him in Mi11brae, thereby giving us access to heavenly dim sum) and I'm hoping he can help me pull some last minute shower thrills out of my butt.

Speaking of men who can dance: Twister is crossing the Pacific to visit on Wednesday morning. Local friends, you must attend a 9:30ish breakfast at the cafe to bask and chat and experience this towheaded towering supercharged delight.

Also The Little Flower is coming on Tuesday, to stay with us for six days! Yay!

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