Begging for Permission to Ask for Drugs

Below is this morning's fax to Dr. M., Leelo's pediatrician. It is the first of many steps in what apparently will be a rather complicated process.

Hello Dr. M,

We would like to take our autistic 5-year-old son Leelo Rosenberg to the MYND Institute at UC Sammy Davis Jr. for a psychopharmaceutical consultation. We were wondering if you would be willing to call them on our behalf, as they accept incoming patients via physician referrals only. The contact information is below.

Leelo has been in an intensive behavioral program for almost three years now. While we have seen great improvement in his development overall, his impulsivity and inability to focus for more than a moment at a time is becoming an increasing problem, and have led several professionals to advise us to at least investigate medication options. We are not interested in sedating him, but rather in helping him focus and/or tone down some of his self-stimulatory behaviors such as ceaseless fidgeting.

Please let me know if you would like to meet with Leelo and me before making any referral decisions. You can contact me at ###-####.

Thank you,

S. Rosenberg

MYND Physician Referral Link

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