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Leelo's new Teacher W asked us about what foods our boy should and shouldn't eat. Here's what I wrote:

Leelo needs to stay away from sweet/sugary foods (this includes fruit juice), anything with artificial colors, and cheesy puffs/crackers & yogurt. None of these foods will make him ill, and small doses are okay, but more than a couple of mouthfuls will make him crazy and give him diarrhea.

We try to keep him on whole grain foods.

Leelo both likes and is allowed to eat:
  • Crackers of any kind
  • Cheerios
  • Croissants (whole wheat ones)
  • "Power rolls" (basically a no-sugar raisin bun)
  • Rice bread sandwiches with almond butter
  • Bananas (with coaxing)
  • Pancakes
  • Potato chips (sometimes)
  • French Fries (sometimes)
  • "Veggie Booty" (not in a few months though)
  • Rice milk
I realize that this is a really limited list. But we consulted with a dietician/nutritionist last month, she said that as long as Leelo continues to take all of his vitamin and mineral supplements and stinky cod liver oil, he will be fine.

For documentation purposes, here is Leelo's current supplement schedule:

  • Multivitamin, probiotic, calcium powder in rice milk.
  • 1/2 tsp cod liver oil.
  • Second multivitamin in rice milk.
Yup, that's it. We even stopped giving B12 shots in December, after we had a power outage and the entire contents of the fridge died, taking with it $70 worth of B12 syringes (they do not contain preservatives and must be refrigerated). Though the nutritionist suggested that resuming the shots might not be a bad idea, given our boy's mostly vegan diet.

I do wonder if some of the intensive DAN protocol mega-nutrients he used to take were suppressing the sensory issues that are now taking over his life. But, as Supervisor Andil pointed out, Leelo never exhibited this intense sensory seeking pre-diagnosis, either--before he went to autism behavioral and biomedical boot camp.

Speaking of sensory seeking, my least favorite habit of his right now is when he hits me in the face and then immediately says, "No hitting!" Thankfully it's more of a slap than a roundhouse. And it will not last. No no no, it won't.

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