Buy Leelo Gear or Else

Another Finally: I have set up a store in which to sell Leelo gear. Everything in the store sports the image below. All proceeds from the store will directed to the National Association for Autism Research (www.naar.org).

Why NAAR? Because NAAR is doing a hell of a lot of research into the causes of autism. It is my hope that by the time my kids are ready to procreate, researchers will have isolated at least some of the genetic factors contributing to autism. I suspect that having grown up with an autistic sibling or being autistic will color the kids' opinions and choices, should any of them desire genetic counseling.

If you wear one of these shirts, you will automatically be so cool on so many levels. The most important one to me, though, is that you would be unabashedly proclaiming that not only do autistic kids like Leelo have friends, but that you're proud to be one of them. So go shopping already.

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