Woolfcamplet Aiiigh

It is set to rain all day tomorrow. During our "We Love Jo Spanglemonkey" Woolfcamplet. Which is going to be at my house. Which is about the size of your smaller thumb.

My three kids will be here along with a smattering of similar creatures. If it really does rain all day, then we'll need to get extremely creative with our space usage. The only thing I can think of right now is that any actual "sessions" can take place in my room, and the kids can run amok upstairs. If we campers want to go upstairs to eat/breathe/drink, then we'll be part of the fray. My room smells musty from some as-yet-undetermined source, but you can just chalk that up to our house's rustic charm.

Shoehorning everyone into the house should be fine, really. We'll have lots of champagne and wine, and I might even get wacky and mix some cocktails.

I will ask that people please stay out of Mali's room/my office, however. I was going to open it up as an additional space, but just an hour ago Leelo did a stealthy and thorough trashing of the room--complete with breaking my desk's keyboard tray--while I was upstairs nursing Mali to sleep. Silly me, I thought they boy'd actually gone to sleep upon being put in bed, as he strangely did during the past two nights.

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