Iz: Oh, I Hope Big Noggin Takes Her

Iz keeps me constantly laughing at her unabashed geekitude. But she needs more same-aged, same-interest geeks in her life. Kids who won’t snicker at her when she says things like:

“Mommy! You TiV0’d another NOVA for me!” (starts chanting excitedly) “No-VA! No-VA! No-VA!”

I want her to find friends who will stay with her after she absorbs all she can about the discovery of DNA’s double helix, and starts musing to her dad, “It’s so odd to think that something so tiny controls everything about us. It’s spooky!”

She needs to be around kids who won’t blink at her specific vocabulary in using “expect” where most people (her mother included) would use “think,” or her always articulating the T in “often.”

For all the wonderful friends she has, she’s still hasn’t quite found her missing piece. This afternoon she was rather subdued, so I asked who her best friend was (because usually that is a cheering topic and results in five names) and this time she only shrugged. She needs someone to tell her stories to, because right now she’s embarrassed about them. She told her Seymour that she spends days and sometimes weeks muttering stories to herself about being an orphan girl who goes to live with Hermi0ne from HP, and other such saved-from-isolation fantasies. She won’t tell them to us or write them down because “That would take a whole week!” But I bet she’d tell them to her best friend.

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