Leelo Good and Bad, Plus Woolfcamplet

Leelo didn't have the greatest weekend. He had lots of flailing outbursts and fits, often out of the blue. I think he smacked every single person responsible for his care both today and yesterday. Last night he went absolutely insane in the bath, repeatedly and almost hysterically trying to climb the tub walls, slipping and falling down again each time. He could easily have knocked himself out, injured himself, broken his jaw. I found his behavior truly disturbing, feelings which were themselves disturbing. No parent wants to feel scared of or about a child.

I got him out of the tub as soon as I could, but course Mali (who had been peacefully playing on the bathroom floor) started screaming when he did, which made Leelo even more agitated.

I am grateful that Iz kept it together amidst the bath chaos, even after Leelo hit her several times during their bath together (pre-wall climbing fits), and before she could escape. However else that girl drives me around the bend, she is an absolute wonder when it comes to being patient with her brother, or the unruly behavior of anyone else she loves. I am working with her on not submerging her feelings about being ill-treated, and on making sure she stands up for herself. Even with people like Leelo who have difficulty reining in their impulses.

Leelo was at his worst and most unreachably spazzy post-Woolfcamplet (when I was solo), which yet again reminds me that rowdy parties at our house in which I am mostly preoccupied can seriously fuck with Leelo's temperamental stability. We will need to keep things calmer or at least smaller until we build the new house with its own separate spaces.

I am consoling myself with the knowledge that Leelo is so frequently, vocally, and visibly happy to see me. He gives me hugs, kisses, great eye contact, and smiles. He returns my smiles, when he's in a receptive mood. I will try to get him to smile and engage as much as I can. These are some of his most wonderful traits, and I will cling to them when I'm desperately craving optimism.

Woolfcamplet itself was groovy! I didn't blog or take pictures (other people blogged and took pictures), but had a fantastic time, especially with Jenijen and her partner (code name?)--so very much our kind of people! I can't wait until Seymour gets to meet them. Their youngest boy and Iz spent the afternoon in blissed out co-geekitude, rarely leaving each others' sides. Check out this lovely image (taken by Jenijen's partner) of the two hiking together.

I was also absolutely thrilled that so many cool people came--Badger, Emily, Elkit, Ep(!), Grace, Jenijen + Partner, Jo, and Mary. Thanks for participating, for bringing such great energy into our house, and for leaving behind so much good undrunk wine and champagne.

Seymour arrived home from New Mexico late last night--after the camp, after the bath incident--and found me completely crashed out on the couch. I had wanted to give him a better greeting than that, but alas.

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