SAHM Indeed. Pah!

Here is my current to-do list. Perhaps this explains why I feel a bit buried, and have aching molars from constantly clenching my teeth. Notice that there is nothing on there about cooking, cleaning in general, cleaning my desk or office, doing laundry, playing with kids, having a date or god forbid sex with husband, writing for pleasure, answering my enormous email backlog, hanging out with friends, scheduling a massage, etc.

Fellow soldiers, if any of your partners, parents, in-laws, or friends ever asks what you do all day long, I suggest you type up your own similar list, wrap it around a rock, and toss it at their heads. For the record, Seymour is mostly aware of and assuredly grateful for all the work required by my list.

· Arrange childcare assistance during Seymour’s 3/21 – 3/25 absence next week
· Arrange childcare for Woolfcamplet—needed? in progress

· Blog Mali Milestones in progress
· UCSF Eval
· Finish Leelo entry from last week

Arrange trip to Vancouver/Seattle
· Can drop off car in Seattle rather than at SEA?
· Make sure Naam is still open
· Ask Seymour’s mom about lunch atop Space Needle for Iz

· Make annual pilgrimage to present Leelo to Jury Commissioner and get out of jury duty
· Sign Iz up for Outdoor Camp
· Sign Iz up for Soccer camp (info from Ep)
· Reschedule Iz’s eye appointment
· Schedule Leelo’s annual eye appointment
· Schedule Mali’s first eye appointment
· Reschedule Iz’s dental appointment
· Iz: 7 year checkup
· Leelo: 5 year checkup
· Pat the Cat: Annual Checkup

· Present to Gouda’s new baby
· Christening presents to Stacy’s twins
· Birthday presents to Baby Picard
· Birthday present to cousin Leigh
· Birthday present to cousin Patrick
· Birthday present to cousin Kylie
· Bridal Shower gift to cousin M (G00d Vibrations?)
· Birthday Present for Tia Izobel
· Mail left-behind jacket to Hayley’s sister
· Maya wrap/CD to TLF
· Mail Iz’s already-written thx notes
· Box of ignored correspondence
· Write letter to Therapist C about why flaking on special needs kids is not a career-furthering move; include in package returning all left- behind music materials
· Burn Gay Life in Dikanka CD for Dad, send
· Burn Sage’s CD, return to her
· Burn CDs for Leelo so he can destroy them, archive originals in progress
· Godmother Hayley: Follow up re: forgotten questionnaire: still needed?

Bills, etc.
· Pay Car Insurance
· Pay House Insurance
· Pay stack of ignored bills
· Fill out and send in form for Fnord early child development study
· Deposit checks

Book Ordering
· Go through kid’s stack of shredded books, evaluate repairability in progress
· Order/Replace non-repairable books
· Order books from Leelo’s class list
· Order books for Esperanza’s in class reading program in progress
· Order Outside Lies Magic/Stilgoe book for Ambah

· Send in Unitrust checks
· Confirm tax accountant received final tax info email

· Consolidate kids’ college accounts
· Transfer girls’ college accounts to 529 plans
· Sell stocks to cover this year’s building expenses

· Summary email of next steps re: easement exhange and sewer easement redescription to architects and Seymour
· Email builder re: rescheduling utilities meeting until early April
· Architects: need site plan for determining repurposing of utilities for builder
· Contact Real Property department about documentation for Fee Title
· Follow up with Title Guy about Title Report for easement exchange documentation
· Fill out documentation for easement exchange application in progress
· Print out documents for easement exchange to show to neighbors
· Get 10 (ten!) signatures of neighbors for same have 9
· Write Building dept head asking for permission to live/build simultaneously
· Follow up with CDF re: hydrant flow certification
· Follow up with Deadwood water district re: will serve letter
· Checks to Architects
· File all related documents/create folder

Iron Gate Leftovers
· Write last two newsletter articles for Iron Gate by 3/24
· Send in Leelo/Navidad photo for same
· New Leelo bookmarks for three omitted Leelo classmates
· Return handbook
· Mend and return nursery playmat handles as promised. In June.

· Blitz campaign for new Leelo store
· Go through eList recommendations for psychopharma consults in progress
· Send in Handicapped placard application?
· Fax primary physician re: meds consult for MYND Institute
· Call HMO about referral since PCP's office bounced it
· Read Overcoming Autism book chapter on stims
· Read Supervisor M’s “straight talk: kids & meds” book
· Finish Deadwood School District kindergarten application in progress
· Follow up with The Head of special ed re: IEP if no news by 3/24
· Distribute OT report to Supervisor M
· Finish writing captions in Leelo’s Day book from two years ago
· Get schedule for ALSO Summer School
· Fill out ALSO Summer School application
· Arrange summer therapist hours for gaps between school sessions

· Oil change scheduled
· Get detailed as inside is disgusting
· Replace bald back tire
· Schedule recall appointment with dealer

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