A Smattering of Notable Links

OMFG. Our own lovely Ep has finally joined the blog world. For those of you who don't know, our core Bad Mom quartet is Badger, Jo Spanglemonkey, me, and Ep. It took us almost three years to convince our resident skeptic to join our Hive Mind, but...finally.

In other Finallys, I have sort of figured out how to post iMixes. Heavens know when I'll get to posting another, so savor this one for now. Keep in mind that Win iTunes and Win FireF0x do not play nicely together.

We're planning on having a Woolfcamplet for Jo Spanglemonkey on 3/25, since she couldn't make the first one. Go to the bottom of the Woolfcamp Wiki for info and to add yourself to the list of attendees if you'd like to come.

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