Keep Your Distance

One of the complications of having my partner go a-conferencing for several days is figuring out how to sneak in a shower. Normally Seymour and I trade off showering sessions in the morning: one of us starts the morning child-herding routine while the other gets squeaky clean, then we switch.

I have to be creative when solo parenting. I can't wake early and try to shower before the kids start stirring--Leelo's rising time is too unpredictable. What I have been doing is postponing the shower until after Iz is already dropped off at school (I don't have to get out of the car) and Leelo is safely in the care of his morning therapist. Mali is happy to play on the bathroom floor while I do what I need to do.

Except this morning Therapist L called and cancelled. So, no help with Leelo, no Mali-and-Mommy shower time. I will be a stinky girl today.

Maybe I will take a shower tonight after the kids go to sleep--even though I hate showering at night--so that tomorrow's Woolfcampleteers will be able to come within five feet of me.

P.S. Yes, locals, I am totally fishing. But I will be okay either way.

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