Iz's Position on Gay Marriage

The Proudest Mother in Town

Today was Iz's parent-teacher conference. It went the way these conferences usually go: our girl is bright and does good work when she's interested and crappy work when she's not. Shock.

The "not interested" apparently affected her standardized testing as well--the teacher showed me pages where Iz obviously didn't feel like reading the questions closely and so got them wrong even though the teacher knew that Iz knew the correct answer. Iz also (snicker) frequently decided that she didn't like the available answers and so wrote down some of her own--complete with illustrations.

The teacher didn't really have any way to gauge Iz's true reading abilities. Our girl's at least 4th grade in Spanish. In English the resources only test through third grade, and Iz blew the roof off of those measures.

But, yeah, whatever. We all know that Iz is a smarty pants and likes to fuck with or cirucumvent authority.

What made me proud to the point of tears is an Iz essay the teacher handed me at the end of the conference (image below). It is Iz's own take on MLK Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech. She didn't wish for a pony or her own Queen Bee book. No. From the bottom of her heart, she wished that gay marriage was legal. *Sob*

My kid has a social conscience. My god. I'll take that over top marks any day.

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