Just in Case You Need Help Falling Asleep

I never knew that remodeling a house could be so complicated and yet so dull. Witness the jolly dispatch I got to send to the architects today:
This morning I dropped off both the sewer easement redescription packet for
F. in planning, and the sewer location/carport drawing for K. in Building--with
C. in SMC Planning. She will forward both packets to the persons in

Yesterday I spoke with MC of the CDF Fire District (ph#).
They do not have any hydrant tests on record for our street, and so will
need to do a new test on our closest hydrant. This involves coordination
with the DWC Water Dept., and a $171 fee. M said it should all be taken
care of by month's end but to call him if we don't hear from him by then,
which I will.

Yesterday I spoke with M2 of SMC Real Property (ph#). He will
be handling both of our easement issues in terms of the county's rights
(i.e. the current step), and is sending me a packet of materials with which
to proceed. There will also be a $!!!! retainer fee for the process, though
we will be refunded any leftovers. Any chance we could track down the
planner who told us we could build in the setback, and see if she or he
would like to foot this bill? (Cue cynical cackling.)

M2 has forwarded our documents to Public Works. Generally it takes a
month to hear back from them. I will follow up on this as well.

In the mean time, I have spoken to P (ph#) from our title
company (Fidelis). He doesn't see any reason why our building into
the walkpath's setback would affect or exclude us from coverage. The
walkpath itself would be listed as an exclusion from coverage as a known
matter of record. M2 (SMC Real Property) said that the county does not
require documentation of the title situation, that it is a matter between
the title company and us as owners, and that they alerted us to the need for
title coverage as a courtesy to help us cover all contingencies.
Aren't you just salivating, wondering What Comes Next? Were you even able to wade through that dreck? Gaaah.

I so very much wish this entire house process was over and done with already.

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