El día pasado

Today is Iz's last day at Esperanza. She is very emotional about it, which has taken her by surprise. Seymour has asked that I go easy on her because of this.

I am sad about leaving the wonderful warm Esperanza community, but I'll be very glad to get to Big Noggin. This year I was the world's crappiest Class Mom because no one else would do it, next year I'll stand on the sidelines and watch the other parents kneecap each other for class participation slots.

Off to get Iz a Guiness Book of World Records as a last-day-of-school-and-leaving-Esperanza gift. (She's been asking for one.) Then Bad Moms' Coffee. Which has been very well-attended lately.

More pictures up on Flickr. But you can't see the good ones unless you log in as a friend, nyah nyah.

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