Not a Bowl of Cherries

Thanks to my friend mb for the link.


The link above leads to a short documentary about the challenges of parenting autistic children. It is not entirely representative of our experience, as Leelo brings a lot of joy to our lives and this film doesn't explore similar angles. Also, we have a fantastic therapy program for Leelo, great schools, and tons of support from friends and family. Not all families are as fortunate as ours.

Still, I very much identify with the parents in the film, and think that is is important for other people to get a glimpse of what our lives are like. Please pass this on as you see fit.

I understand that many people are really angry about this film and its negativity, specifically at the parent who said that she felt like driving herself and her daughter off of a bridge. I say autism is fucking hard, it rends and aligns each family differently, and I cannot condemn anyone who feels driven to desperation as long as he or she does not act on it.

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