I Am Tired

Way tired. So tired that this morning I started to tell Therapist L about some of my experiences working in Leelo's classroom yesterday morning, and she interrupted me with, "Squid, I was there." Oh yeah.

While there is much to report, I'll stick with the biggies. Namely that the one main thing that the meds seem to have given Leelo is a sense of when it's time to take a dump. And he is not pleased, oh no. We have had four screaming sessions in the last two days during which he sat on the potty and refused to leave but also had no idea how to "produce." He has almost always done his business by hiding in a corner while lying on his stomach. Perhaps it is time to step up the cod liver oil to daily doses.

Here also is a more accurate video of Mali asking for boob:

She has also surprised me by being able to sing songs that we'd been listening to in the car but had not ever sung together. Observant baby.

I am hoping to get some rest tonight. I am hoping that Seymour gets some rest, too. In the meantime, check out the awesome trilobite necklace he got me in Utah. It's a real frickin' fossil! He also got Iz unopened geodes that she got to smash open herself. The best dad and the best partner, ever.

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