I Heart Satan's Pool

I invited myself, Leelo, Mali, and Therapist Y to go to Satan's Pool with Ep and Merlin this afternoon. The kids had the Best Time Ever. Mali took to the toddler pool like a lemming to a cliff. Wheee! Leelo demonstrated to everyone in the vicinity that he remembers how to swim, oh yes he does, and joyously so, thank you very much. (Or thank Ep very much as she snuck us in.)

Even better: Both kids went to sleep with a minimum of fuss. There was no two-to-four hour tag team battle. Seymour and I got a couple of hours to ourselves tonight! Which we used to clean the house, but I digress.

And I am once again wondering why we don't have a membership to Satan's Pool and Community Center (SPCC). Oh, right the SPCC is church-owned, and wouldn't let Anya and Carys join because Jesus doesn't love lesbians. Also the SPCC people sneakily tried to convert Iz--telling her that Jesus doesn't believe in dinosaurs, and other blobs of hooey--during tennis camp last year.

But neither Jesus nor the tennis coaches come anywhere near the pool. And the pool makes a big difference in both Leelo's and our sleepytime lives. *Sigh* There really aren't any other family-friendly pools in the neighborhood.

What would you do?

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