A Place for Everything. Including Leelo.

A Place for Everything. Including Leelo.

Tomorrow is Leelo's IEP for Summer and Fall placement (Lea, forgive the incorrect terminology, but "IEP" is vernacular for the meeting itself in these parts). We will find out the location of this Fall's Behavioral Class, will schedule his school district behavioral evaluation (for a home ABA program even if we might not need them to run it), will confirm that they school district is paying for Leelo's ALSO summer school (that's $2500 of yay!), and will schedule summer speech and occupational therapies.

I am hoping that the meeting takes less than an hour, as Leelo's preschool is having a graduation ceremony sixty minutes after the meeting starts and we'd like to try to attend.

Of course, the IEP falls smack on top of Bad Moms' Coffee. Frak.

Still working on that meds writeup. In the meantime read what nice things Badger had to say about Leelo's behavior. She noticed some of the lovely bits we've noticed, too, since we started drugging him.

Less lovely is his absolute fixation on certain stim items. He has been in love with one particular piece of clear aquarium tubing for the past nine days, and insists on having it with him at all times, even though it got successively shorter over the course of the week. It got lost several times, too, but my self-preservation instincts enabled me to find it each time. Then tonight he lost it for real. (It is most likely under our porch, but as Pat the Cat uses that very place as a litterbox I am not searching there.) We do not have any more tubing as the original was a gift from Sage. No other tubes or straws will do.

He cried and moaned for his tube from 9:00 until 11:00 PM tonight. He will probably wake up at 3:00 and 5:00 as well. I suspect we'll be paying a visit to the aquarium store after the IEP.

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