Movement in Fits and Starts

Poor Mali went to the doctor yesterday to have her week's worth of chesty coughing and green slimy nose evaluated. She has an ear infection, so we're putting her on the antibiotic Amox. It is mellow stuff, she is never on meds, and we're going on a road trip Saturday that involved driving over very tall mountains. I'm not going to wait this one out, even though she remains cheerful.

Her illness has in no way affected her ability to climb bookshelves and onto tables in under five seconds. Nor has it made her want to go to sleep before 10 or 11 PM. She and Leelo are still having contests to see who can stay up the latest (Leelo's record this week is 11:30 PM).

Leelo is overall in a fairly good mood. He still has the occasional daddy-needing tantrum, but Seymour and I have set up videoconferencing at our respective workstations and that seems to make our boy happy.

Iz is wonky from a week of all-day soccer camp in the blistering heat. She and Merlin like to decompress afterwards by watching the skateboarders and cyclists doing stunts in the adjacent skate park. Though after a while she starts grumping about the lack of girl skateboarders.

My sinuses have declared war on the rest of my head so I am signing off. I can do that because it's babysitting night!

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