IEP Afterwords

The IEP was short and sweet--less than an hour long. I should have taken Leelo to his preschool graduation but was fricking exhausted from doing so much driving in the last 24 hours that I'd drained 2/3 of a $75 tank (and my car is supposed to be fuel-efficient). I bailed for Bad Moms' Coffee instead. Besides, Leelo doesn't normally go to school on Thursdays, they gave him his certificate yesterday, I doubt he'll notice or care, he'll be back in the same classroom with the same kids in two weeks for summer school, and Seymour gave me his blessing to skip out. Bad Moms' Coffee, indeed.

Here's what we hammered out at the IEP:

We've got OT coverage for the summer. The OT herself will call to set up Summer sessions. Leelo's previous school district OT, the wonderful Jules, is going to East/Central Africa to donate 6 months of her skills to kids in need. Wow.

We were told to call her before she leaves to see if she had any ideas about OT tricks to help Leelo with his increase need for stim objects.

They (the district psychologist T, and PS the preschool placement person) were very excited to hear about the good effects we've seen with Leelo and meds so far. PS mentioned that autism and ADHD/ADD have very high rates of co-morbidity, and that she thinks that more autistic kids used to have dual diagnoses that included mental retardation because their ADD needs were so intense that the therapists had no way to reach them. Adderrup and similar drugs have really changed that, and she is very grateful.

Leelo's speech will increase to 60 minutes per week, effective immediately.

We agreed to a behavioral assessment from an ABA provifer with 15 hrs diagnostic/week, beginning with permission to do an assessment in July. They will then start working August 1. The intention is that they will start services--diagnostically at home, and then as aide in classroom--and that they will train a classroom aide as they fade out.

Having ABA provider start in classroom and then fading to district aide is commonplace. She stressed that Leelo cannot have a newbie aide.

I asked about how we can include Supervisor M and maintain Leelo's current program, and she said that the ABA provider can contract with Supervisor M and then the district. Somehow. I will need to ask Supervisor M about this.

She said that we should tell people who might be interested (e.g., new college psych grads having a hard time finding a job) about applying as classroom aides with the Deadwood school district, as though the pay is initially not great (I think it's about $12/hour) it is a full time job with benefits. Could work into lead position with district. If one of Leelo's therapists applies, PS can guarantee placement with Leelo and then advancement because of their experience.

By the by, it is Badger's birthday (or, whoops, it was ten minutes ago), so go say hello and show her your underwear!

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