Why You Can't Put Them in a Box With Holes and Ship Them Off to Points Unknown

Mali was up all night long, wanting to "Nurse?" She had a fever so I gave in the first ten times, but at around 5:00 AM the well was empty and I had to cut her off. She wailed and screamed and cried and would not be placated by water, and said that she wanted to eat and listed ten different kinds of food that would make her happy. Seymour and I have been trading off on the early mornings, and it was my turn, so I hauled that grouchy fucking baby up the stairs and tossed her into her high chair.

Where she immediately became the perkiest and happiest toddler this kitchen has ever seen. She turned on all her silliest behaviors and playful language throughout her very large meal. If I wasn't comatose, I would have been charmed.

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