Ramping Up

Tomorrow morning we are going to double Leelo's Adderupp dosage, from his original Rx of 5 to Dr. S's recommended 10 mg. Should be interesting.

Iz is returning tomorrow. I miss her, but oh my goddess is it easier to parent two children. Both Leelo and Mali have been getting so much more attention, books, talking, playing than usual, and it is lovely.

Leelo is in a phase where he's not all that excited about me reading him bedtime books. So instead I talked about his day with him. I described his day, and tried to let him fill in the blanks, e.g., "This morning we got in the car and went to...?"

The only thing he would comment on was going to the pool, and even that was only in a general sense of "What did you do today?" He either was not able to or refused to answer/fill in leading questions. I don't think he was being contrary; I think he just didn't understand what I was asking. And I wonder if he ever will.

Seymour and I are surprised that Leelo's cognitive age really hasn't changed much over the past three years, given how well he did when his home program began. Our boy has progressed in many areas, but conceptual language is not one of them. I keep hoping that he's going to make that leap to abstract thinking, that he'll undertstand what "I'm thirsty" means, and that he'll be able to have real conversations-- however stilted or limited. But it may be that we are going to be living with a very big, very strong boy who thinks like a toddler, for the forseeable future. Adderupp's methamphetamines might calm him and help him focus, but they're not going to rewire his brain.

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