Meta Meaty Baby

Mali likes to eat. I suspect that one of the reasons she's been getting up in the middle of the night is that we've not been stuffing her sufficiently before bedtime.

Our girl likes to eat meat. And then watch herself liking to eat meat. Such a polite baby.

Other funnies:

She refers to herself as "me me."

Lots of saying "I see..." as in "I see cookie!" Also "Look..." e.g., "Look! A tree!"

If you ask her if she wants something, and she does, she exclaims, "Okay!"

She toodles around the house muttering, "Ummmmm, ummmm." After a while we realized that she is imitating our conversational pauses.

She noticed that there are now anise swallowtail caterpillars living in the plastic container that usually signifies cookies. She yelled, "No! Not cookies!" Seymour had informed her the following evening that the container no longer holds cookies, but she is apparently still perturbed.

She doesn't realize that she is a toddler; she thinks she is a big kid like most of her friends, and has no problem running right in and mixing it up, for instance walking into and attempting to join an unfamiliar kids' impromptu soccer match.

My parents are here and are having a great time with her. Because she is great. And as of the 26th she is now 19 months old. This is one of my very favorite ages.

Her hair is still completely nuts. It's as though she has solar flares coming out of her scalp:

Oh, and she has discovered her nethers. Iz and Leelo were similarly driven to grab their bottoms, at the same age. Makes diaper changes quite challenging.

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