The Clothing Store of My High School Dreams

Since I left this huge comment at Badger's I figured I might as well plop it here too:

I hate the mall and do not go if I can help it. But you know that.

Fortunately we have a standalone Auld Navy across the street from The Hole. I had a complete blowout there two days ago in which I purchased five pairs of pants/shortie things because I had somehow ended up having no summer pants or shorts with decent pockets. I truly think Thursday's pocket-free ensemble is responsible for my losing that credit card--if I'd had a place to put it I would have paid more attention to its location.

Anyow, Auld Navy is currently all adrip with the sort of clothes that Dee and I used to spend many a high school night altering to fit us after we'd found them in thrift stores. Men's dress pants with weird patterns, which actually fit women! Pegged sturdy shorts in colors besides khaki! Plus all the hippie Indian-style embroidered crap that I so love is apparently last month's news and so even though it never goes out of style for me, it is all ten dollars there right now. I am probably going to go back.

As for the "professional" clothes I got myself a decent casual dress shirt. Stretchy, good collar, passes for day wear too. Some pansyish gathers at the cuff, but I will overlook them as the shirt is so comfy.

I sort of look like myself again. Odd that I owe my debt of sartorial gratitude to one of our largest and most faceless cheap clothing companies. But, again, people won't be wearing this shit in two years whereas I'm going to be happy with my new goods for aeons.

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