BlogHer 06 Lowdown: Cephalopod Perspective

BlogHer 06 Lowdown: Cephalopod Perspective

Jo and I talked a lot yesterday about how knowing the same language as someone doesn't necessarily mean you're speaking the same language. We've been watching Badger and Grace gallivant and glory in their respective extroverted elements, and have been very happy for them. It's lovely to see them having so much fun.

But we're not like that. I'm not, at least. Extroversion is as incomprehensible as Mandarin to me. I am a lurker who gets nervously talkative in groups. Not the greatest personality to bring to a community-developing conference.

What I am trying to write is that so far this has mostly sucked. I am so glad to hang with friends like Mary, Gwen, Jenijen, Whump, and Cyn. It has been fantastic to meet up with coot cats like SJ, Karianna, and Pam. I even ran into an old friend from high school--which is a nice dose of irony given the high school reference in this morning's first post.

But, FUCK, people--I got to take two days off for this. I should be in a remote wifi cabin (not so remote that I can't come back to top off Mali for the night) enjoying the solitude. Jo could have come with me. We would both be writey and occasionally giggly and mostly silent, grooving on the free time to rearrange our brains and get work done.

Every last panel so far has been moderately interesting, but there has not been a single event--except possibly last night's cocktail party--that justifies my decision to attend.

Then again, I've not yet been to Susie Bright's Let's Talk About Sex panel. I am indeed looking forward to that not sucking. Or at least putting sucking in an entertaining and useful context.

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