Two Forehead-Slappers

Iced coffee is just about the easiest thing there is to make. Silly me, I had imagined that there had to be something more difficult than stirring sugar into hot coffee and then pouring it over ice to get the super-caffeinated equivalent of my favorite Southern treat, sweet tea. It helps greatly if you use high-quality coffee brewed in a French press (my only option, so that works out well).

Going Biodiesel is totally fucking straightforward. All you need is a diesel car and a local fuel supplier. Two small limitations from my friend who owns a biodiesel bug: "If the car is pre-1993, it likely has rubber hoses that the biodiesel will corrode - these need to be changed out. If the car has been running for a while on petro-diesel, the fuel filter will need to be changed after a month or so, because the biodiesel acts as a solvent and cleans all the petro-gunk out of the system, clogging up the filter."

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