Uh, So I Went to This Dinner Last Night...

Uh, So I Went to This Dinner Last Night...

A pre-BlogHer Ass Kickers' Dinner, apparently (I was there as "friend of" several attendees). I am still panties-wettingly nervous about going to BlogHer, but at least now I have sussed out the main thread tying the attendees together: Giant Brains. Oh how I love to be around smart women, even if I get wide-eyed and mute when one of them talks to me.

After two margaritas I relaxed enough that Jenijen was able to wriggle out of my insecure clutches and be social in her own right.

Thanks to Grace for the arrangments, thanks to Mary for the ride down and Badger for the ride back. Thanks to Seymour for sitting on the kids so I could go! And what a cool fucking treat to meet Karianna.

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