Why Does Mommy Stay Home?

Why Does Mommy Stay Home?

Today Iz finally got around to asking "...why Daddy works and Mommy doesn't." To be fair, I think she may have meant why is Seymour the one who goes to an office instead of running herd at home.

However, to be absolutely clear, I told her that being the personal chauffeur and sherpa to her and her siblings is my job. If I worked in an office and a nanny took over all the [countless acts of routine and drudgery] I do during the day, then that would be the nanny's job, yes?

I then emphasized that I despise working in offices, though I don't mind visiting them. I told her what a wonderful thing it is to be a contractor and need only a laptop and my brain, and to be able to work wherever and whenever I choose. I did concede that I haven't taken on any contracts since Leelo was a baby, but that I will probably try to pick up new work when things get less hectic at home.

She seemed satisfied. I don't know if I am, though.

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