The Littlest Sexologist

The Littlest Sexologist*

My IRL friends know that I am uptight. I desperately wish I wasn't, and I hope my kids won't be, so I try to foster open minds and healthy inhibitions. It's not easy, especially for a recovering Catholic. But I think it might be working.

Tonight as Iz was bathing herself, she started to diddle. I reminded her that masturbating is all well and healthy, but that it should be a private affair.

Iz: "Unless your friends say it is okay?"

Me, with forcibly straight, non-panicked face: "Um, yes. Then it is okay."

Iz: "That's good, because Violet and I like to do it during sleepovers. We call masturbating 'it' and ask each other if we're doing 'it.'"

Me, not running from room due to great effort: "Well, that is fine. You are both agreeing and you both comfortable with it."

Iz: "Yeah, and sometimes Violet mispronounces 'masturbation.' I always correct her, though. Mommy, why are you laughing so hard?"

Me, trying not to fall on floor in hysterics: "Don't you think your brother is singing a funny song?"

I wonder if Saturday's panelists Susie Bright or Logan Levkoff would approve. I hope so.

Also interesting: I came home from BlogHer 06 to find this sign on Iz's door:

Don't Open!
People Putting on Diapers!


*I have changed the title of this post as a nod to Elswhere, and also because Lisa Stone would be upset at my using such a lame original title after attending her Ten Types of Web Writing panel.

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