BlogHer-ing for Autism Awareness

There was a bit of a mixup with Seymour's maxed vacation time and my own fear of conferences, but fuck it--I'm going to BlogHer after all. It's not as though the place won't be athrong with other blinky introverts hugging their laptops to their chests and glancing about skittishly.

You'll know me--if I put my laptop down--because I'll be wearing this Leelo shirt. I'll also have Leelo stickers to hand out. And I will gladly donate $25 to the National Alliance for Autism Research if I see anyone else wearing Leelo Gear at BlogHer.

Hell, send me pictures of you with or wearing your Leelo gear, and I'll donate ten dollars each time. I'll even post the pix, if you want. It would be great if more than six people helped us raise money for autism causes (though I am indebted to each of you who already made the leap).

Just in case you're wondering what I'm asking you to paste on your chest, the Leelo gear reads:

I'm a Friend of Leelo's
Support Autism Research
Befriend Autism Families

I am absolutely no good at promotion, self- or otherwise, so I would be extra-grateful if you folks would help spread the autism awareness word.

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