Just in Case You Thought Those Flickr Photos Were of Our New House

We spent July 4th at a private pool party at LiFoFi. We've been lucky enough to go annually through the friendly courtesy of Seymour's cycling buddy the LiFoFi Garden Manager.

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It was a most beautiful day, truly. Iz spent all non-swimming time in the sunken garden trying to catch mosquito fish with Lamas, our host's son. Mali had a good time, mostly she slept.

And Leelo had a fucking amazing time swimming:

I still can't get over how amazingly well he swims, given that he taught himself. And how happy and calm it makes him. Usually.

Our private tour of the Lifofi grounds included the cutting gardens and the employees/working volunteers-only berry cages. The latter was full of the most delicious golden raspberries we have ever eaten. I am going to camp in front of our own g. raspberry bush for the next three weeks until its berries are ripe.

Iz and I talked later on that night about how handsome men often get by on their looks, and how we smart women put up with them because they're fun to have around--but that occasionally you find ones like Daddy/Seymour or Lamas, who are stunning but also kind and smart and like to talk about entomology.

Speaking of that branch of science and annual events, the first of Iz and Seymour's anise swallowtail caterpillars became a butterfly today. We didn't get to watch it crawl out, or expand and dry its wings like last year's candidate, but that's okay because we've got a spare one this year.

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