1, 2, 3, Hurrah!

1) It's not nearly as fucking hot as it was this weekend. If I wanted my body and kids to be this miserable then I'd be in fucking Phoenix, where we'd at least have the bonus of my two darling nephews. Casualties: several potted plants (hydrangeas, dahlias) that are physically incapable of sucking up enough water to offset this kind of heat-accelerated transpiration.

2) Seymour picked up my camera and its new non-cracked LCD screen from the shop today. BlogHer documentation! I can prove I went. Although you won't be able to recognize me from my Leelo shirt, because it looks funny on me--as in dual fisheye lens effect. Anyone who wants the shirt can have it. I'll bring it along. And I'll have the sticker on my laptop.

3) Sweet Leelo got a splinter in his foot and trusted us enough--i.e., understood that we were trying to help him get the painful thing out of his foot--that he kept putting his foot forward to be chiseled at, even though he couldn't tolerate it for more than a millisecond. But he understood, and he kept trying. We got half the splinter out. Every time he would put his foot forward, I would tear up. Such a sweet, brave boy.

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