Working (!?)

Vaguely surprised by myself: I have managed to get not one but two projects out of my brain and into motion. I am publicly recording my resolve here and have even told a few people about my endeavors, in order to goad myself into finishing. Not that this has always been successful in the past. However I do occasionally complete tasks, and will try like hell to carry through on these. It is critical to my mental health to have tangible proof of roles separate from "Mommy."

The primary project, a book collaboration, requires me to interview a woman from my church this afternoon. Yeeks. I came away with all the material I should need, and an appreciation for this woman and her very difficult history. I hope she can forgive Mali for deciding to launch the premiere of Throwing Poo During Diaper Changes in her perfectly, artfully appointed living room.

Meanwhile I am worried about my dad. He used to have the best memory in the world (with the exception of attaching the right names to people or pets). Today I came home from the interview and found he'd gone to pick up Iz from camp without the bag containing her post-camp aikido clothes and check. I'm sure they'll let her practice in her bathing suit if she needs to, but normally he would never forget a thing of any importance. My mom wants to get him tested for Alzheimer's. His father had an intense case of it.

Also worried about Leelo. He is hitting himself a lot lately, and more forcefully than ever before. I also feel like he connects with me less. I will ask his team what they think of his social and emotional attachment/detachment during our next meeting. But I feel as though the Adderupp is flattening out his bubbly, cheerful, affectionate personality. Not sure if sitting still during class is an acceptable tradeoff.

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