Adderupp Trials and Reactions

We did exactly seven days on 10 mg of Adderupp. 7/1 was Leelo's first increased dosage day. He had huge emotional storms around lunch time every single day except 7/2 when we were at the beach. Therapist/Babysitter A read our When You Have to Drug Your Child book* and noted that if the meltdowns happen 1-2 hours after the dose then it is because of the drug peaking; but 4-6 hours afterwards is due to withdrawal.

On Dr. S's advice we tried a 7.5 mg dose, but the storms were almost the same--in fact they happened a little bit earlier. We went back to 5 mg short-acting Adderupp in the mornings and Leelo was okay, if a bit loopy. Now Dr. S wants us to try a simultaneous combination of the short acting and extended release variations, with the hope that if the storms are due to withdrawal, this will allow the drug to taper off gradually in his bloodstream. The initial dose combo dose will be between 5 and 7.5 mg.

While he was on 10 mg he was fairly calm and together--except for his mid-day implosions. He did a lot of singing--entire songs--and went to bed without a fuss.

One Sunday, 7/2, day two, he sang all day long like a man possessed. Entire songs. Twenty stanzas of Row Row Row Your Boat (which I recorded on my phone, and will try to upload). He sat in my lap for most of our time at the beach with Badger, Iz, Sophie, and Moomin, which he normally never does for more than two minutes. It was unprecedented and wonderful. Possibly he snuggled with me because it was so cold and windy, but I'll take it.

On 10 mg he attempted to play on our rope ladder for the first time ever. He also let me read him chapters from James and the Giant Peach every night--also unprecedented. He was answering "What did we do today" questions better as long as I kept them simple.

Potty training: He is now sometimes going into our bathroom when he has a poop in his pants. Also Therapist Y said Leelo asked--and more importantly, needed--to go to the potty on 7/3. Leelo has also been more aware of his BMs, to the point where he often withholds them because he does not want to try to poop in the toilet.

My mom was around during both the 10 mg week and our reverting to 5 mg, and said she's noticed a very big change since the last time she was here in terms of his hyperactivity being greatly reduced. Nice to hear.

I have to admit that even with its benefits, I have a bad feeling about the Adderupp. For one thing, he will not let go of his fucking straw/aquarium tubing. He loved but was not wedded to his stim objects before the Adderupp. Also even now on only 5 mg he seems more remote than he has ever been. Possibly this is the autistic little boy who was lurking under the ADHD little boy, but I do not like how his language and reaction times have been affected. He is speaking very little now unless really motivated (such as this afternoon when he spied some M&Ms in a store) and he does not reply to social questions reflexively as he used to before these drug trials began. In fact he is incorrectly answering many questions that he used to have down cold, such as "Where is the ceiling?"

We will try the combo dose tomorrow morning. But I suspect we will end up moving to another medication. I don't like what Adderupp is doing to our boy.

*Isn't it convenient how Amazon includes a one-button baby registry link to the Drugging Your Child book?

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