I Love a Good Surfeit

We're having too much fun being social over here at Casa Rosenberg. Had two different rafts of out-of-town friends pass through today, in addition to my easygoing, helpful folks. It's still a party every day on top of our wacky-fun kids' summer schedule. There are at least five half-finished posts lurking in the blog draft bin. Brief kids' tidbits:

Iz is roller coaster crazy right now. I think it would not be entirely out of line to say that she's perseverating a bit. She walks up to people--pleasantries be damned-- already talking about her rollercoaster theories and what is the biggest longest fastest or scariest coaster according to the Guiness Book of World Records or her SuperCoasters documentary or the several hundred coasters she rode at the Del Mar Fair because damn it she just hit 48" and she is going to squeeze as much juice out of her new milestone as she can.

She has also declared herself an official tomboy. She will recite her totally arbitrary rules for being a tomboy if you ask her nicely. Lots of emphasis on No Pink, and Not Too Much Grooming. I got her my personal favorite tomboy outfit (white ribbed tank top, olive army-style pants rolled to the knee) and she was delighted.

I was amused to hear her explain to our very patient friend Paddy (who accepted Iz's invitations to not just one but four draw-offs for the most thrilling theme park ride design) that her latest design would make its riders "Fly out of their seats. I mean that literally. Most rollercoasters make people feel like they're flying out of their seats, but my design actually does make them fly out of their seats."

Leelo got up this morning and declared, "I want to go poop, Mommy." A huge surprise, even if he tried for thirty minutes and produced naught. He sang lots of songs all the way through during his efforts. Since this was all before breakfast, and breakfast is when he gets his meds, he hadn't had medications in his bloodstream for about 18 hours.

Mali is once again fortunate to be so cute. Five thirty AM is not the best time to wake up one's mother, even if one is using one's cutest voice to plead, "Mommy? Nurse? More? Please? Hi Mama! Good morning!"

Wonked out. Will get to those other posts eventually so you can see and read about this past week's good times. But now must sleep to prep for tomorrow's event: lunch at my favorite place, for my mom's first dim sum experience.

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