Last 72 Hours

The local weather microstation topped out at 105°F.

Mali topped out at 104°F, compounded by a three-day bout of the Shrieking Shits. Then the power went out, so Seymour and I got to have hourly romantic candlelit diaper changes/wrestling matches, all night long.

Mali and Leelo got their eyes checked out. Both are groovy. Leelo was fairly well behaved, Mali kept calling out all the letters they were trying to get him to name for the eye test. Fortunately Dr. C is a magician with Leelo-types and was able to test his eyes to her satisfaction in her own way.

Rook invited me to my first ever role playing game. Seymour was beyond jealous. And I loved it--I can totally see why people get sucked in. How appropriate that my character's skills set included -2 for confidence. I had to leave early as both overheated Leelo and mewling Mali refused to go to sleep for their dad, but hope to play again someday.

Liz Ditz had us over to swim in her perfect woodsy comfy oak-surrounded house. I am guessing it's the kind of casual place that horsey people have and that the bling-blingy newcomers couldn't possibly understand. THANK YOU LIZ. All three of our kids plus my husband plus Babysitter A played and played until Leelo's eyes got too red (he opens his eyes underwater but still won't tolerate goggles). So we had to leave early and didn't get to spend very much time with Liz's daughter JG. Next time! Moomin and parents were there too, how great to see him recovered and doing his version of frolicking in the water.

Grumped in the painful heat and hated everyone in the world especially people with independent, tractable children; people with any kind of unqualified free time; and especially people with air conditioning. Gave children any cold or liquidy substance they requested (except Mali--she got bananas and toast). Almost threw computer out window after ignorant overprivileged mom-of-singleton on Deadwood Mom's club e-list posted her suggestion for beating the heat: "Check into a hotel room," as though everyone can afford that, as if most kids would even tolerate that. Wondered as overheated Mali's bottom got increasingly red and chapped about baby diarrhea equivalent of the Diva Cup.

Ep had us over to Satan's Pool. THANK YOU EP. Normally we sail right past the front counter but this time we got checked and actually had to pay money to take advantage of the local private Christian club. Oh, lovely lovely lovely cool water. Oh, happy happy happy children.

Iz continued to perseverate about roller coasters to anyone who came near her. She would occasionally interrupt to demand a Floyd Landis update from her dad.

Leelo spent a loooot of time in the wading pool Babysitter A got for him. And giving big spontaneous hugs to me that were genuine, not merely ploys to grab my elbow or put pressure on his sinuses.

Mali eventually stopped shitting every 90 minutes. She remained cheerful the entire time, diaper changes excepted. Can't remember if I've yet recorded that she says, "I see X!" all the time. I also made the mistake of showing her how to use my computer's keyboard ("Press Y! Press G! Press K!"). If any of you got strange comments or email from me, now you know why.

Everyone got to watch all the videos they wanted.

It's still going to be in the 90's tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we have to be here. Iz has a free and clear week so perhaps we'll head over to the coast during Leelo's afternoon session. I'm sure Therapist L won't mind.

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