Crickets and Albino Alligators

Where is everyone? Perhaps I need to post a photocopy of my naked butt.

Still beyond crazily busy. Kids are in various camps/preschools all over town (except Mali, who remains my personal barnacle). Leelo has at least three appointments every day.

Today I had a meeting with the architects at home and then down at the county offices. This afternoon I meet with a tree surgeon; after that the school district behavioralists are coming to evaluate Leelo for services. Somehow I must get the house ready for Marroqui to try to clean it by 4:00 (I don't know how all the other spoiled brats who have weekly housecleaning help go about it, but I put everything away so she can work on surfaces only).

Thankfully my folks picked Leelo up from school and took him to Sage's for his speech appointment. Don't quite know how I would have managed that one without them, as the meeting at the county ran late.

I think we will all go to the park after Leelo's last appointment, and then possible to La Fie5ta for the very best chile relleno and agua fresca in town (my parents leave tomorrow for BC, and my mother favors both those food items). And I will have a beer.

Iz is obsessed with the W0rst Witch series, sent to her by a generous soul from across the waters. She also loves the Hunters (Predators) encyclopedia Seymour nabbed at a science museum book sale:

Iz: "Did you know that a true albino alligator has white skin and pink eyes?"

Me: "Yes. That is because there is no pigment in their irises. Do they mention leucistic alligators? That is a very cool variation on albinism."

Iz: "White alligators with blue eyes cannot said to be true albinos, as their irises have pigment in them."

Me: "Wow, that sounds verbatim."

Iz: "What does 'verbatim' mean?"

Me: "It means you are using the exact wording from your book or other source."

Iz: "Of course it's the exact wording from the book!" (Implication: Duh, Mommy!)

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