Summertime...and the Therapists Get Flakey

Except Therapist L and Supervisor M, of course. They have been steadfast and true to Leelo ever since they came on his team almost exactly three years ago.

But generally summer is when therapists say, "Oh, by the way, I'm quitting." And so it is this year. Therapist Y has taken on a new full-time SD gig. Not with the Deadwood SD--as I was hoping, so that he could be Leelo's aide--but rather at his local SD. His last day will be August 18.

I am sad, because he is such a very good buddy to Leelo, but realistically if he hadn't been Leelo's school aide, we wouldn't have been able to offer him all that many hours anyhow.

Fingers crossed that Therapist L is willing to work every afternoon in the fall.

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