IEP Fuck Up

There is no way to properly communicate just how much we rely on Supervisor M. She is the Goddess of Behavioralists. Which makes it even more embarrassing when I blow it right in front of her.

She emailed me a draft of IEP goals almost a month ago. I thought I'd look them over "later," but they got buried in my inbox, and I forgot about them.

Then this morning Supervisor came over to see Leelo and Therapist L. I told her how swimmingly the IEP went and how pleased we are at all the coverage we'll be getting, and how I even had a copy just for her! She was happy for us, but also wanted to know if we'd received any written goals.

"Erm, no...I kind of forgot about that part." Even though I had specifically asked PS last week if the written goals would be included--but I guess PS and I both forgot.

I then went and read Supervisor M's draft goals. They are so spot-on and I am such a fuck-up. Sigh. She graciously offered to send them to PS herself, which is probably a good thing.

She told me not to worry, that I have a very busy life and that this was our first IEP and it's the SD who is supposed to be "clean" about such things, not us. That was kind of her, but it does not excuse me.

I am looking forward to a less overwhelmed time in my life, when I can end my days by counting my accomplishments rather than trying to downplay my fuck ups.

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