Mali was up every hour on the hour all night long. Howling and wailing, either because of teeth coming in or because I was up late despite promises not to do so and Mali's all-night protests were my punishment.

The result: I was grumpy today. I didn't like anyone, and I yelled at my kids a lot. This will be How Things Are until I somehow get more sleep.

Leelo had an emotional day today. Lots of crying and sobbing for no reason that any of us (me, Therapist Y, Supervisor M) could pinpoint other than dislike of transitions, having too many people around, and things not being as he expected them to be (e.g., sneaking into the back of Badger's truck to play and finding his way blocked by a headboard she was hauling--her graciously moving it out helped a lot).

I haven't seen him like this in a while, though if I'm sure if I go back in my notes on this site I'll find similar episodes. The really odd thing about his behavior today is that he was crying without talking, without telling us what was wrong. Normally he tells us what's going on.

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