And She's Off!

And She's Off!

This maneuver of getting three kids to three separate places simultaneously, it is doable. Which is good to know. But it is also incredibly stressful as the margin of error on all three drop offs cannot exceed five minutes. This means no chatting at all with teachers, etc., and also that everyone else upon whom I depend damn well better be on time, because the final dropoff is meeting Leelo's bus back at our house -- and that is the one mark I absolutely cannot miss. (The girls' schools are nowhere near each other or our house, but at least they're within our city limits.)

Seymour has of course reiterated that he can help out with the morning relay race however needed. And I believe we should go ahead and split it up, for the sake of the blood pressure of everyone involved, as well as to be fair to Leelo's bladder. The current schedule doesn't even allow time for a pit stop between Leelo's and my return home after dropping off the girls, and the bus's arrival. The moment this morning's bus arrived, my good boy started hopping up and down, grabbing at his groin. I asked him if he needed to use the potty and he said, "Yes!" (!!) I asked the driver if she could wait for a brief potty break and she agreed, which was good as Leelo had a Niagara Falls-volume pee stored up, and I doubt he'd have been able to hold it all during for the fifty minute drive to school.

It's good to know that I can be Super Chauffeur if need be. But I think we should save that role for emergencies, and stick with my secret identity as much as we can.

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