Yay, Unitarians

Yay, Unitarians

Seymour spend the weekend partying down south at his 20th high school reunion, with my blessings. But this meant that I couldn't take Iz to yesterday's first Sunday school class of season at our church, because I would have needed to bring Leelo with me, and our church and Leelo are simply not compatible at this point in time. Thankfully Jo Spanglemonkey kindly agreed to let our girl tag along with her, with the understanding that I would pick Iz up when the service was over.

I arrived at what I thought was quittin' time, to find that there were a good ten minutes left (damn chatty Unitarians and their open forum format for announcements!). So Leelo and Mali and I hung out in the nursery with all the tiny kids age three and under until Iz's class and the service were over. During that brief interlude Leelo managed to step on about five kids and knock a stack of waffle blocks over on another, so I took him outside to the forts and swings.

The Director of Religious Education followed me outside. She wanted to let me know that the church was willing to find a 1:1 person to be with Leelo during services, so that Seymour and I could be in the sanctuary together. Isn't that the nicest thing you've ever heard?

I so very much wish Leelo was as dependably non-violent as he is cheerful, sweet, and funny, because I really miss sitting through the services with Seymour. But Leelo being who he is right now, I had to thank the director several times over and let her know that our boy's current specialized care needs require specialized training, and that I wouldn't want to risk hurting anyone from the fellowship. I emphasized that I do think Leelo will improve, and that we may be able to accept the offer in the future, because so much of what Leelo does stems from communications frustrations and he's getting better at letting us know what he wants all the time. But for now Seymour and I will keep trading Sundays.

But still, nicest thing ever!

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