You've Been Notified

You've Been Notified

If I see one more woman sporting the suburban choppy version of an inverted bob, I will gnaw off her head! You've been warned, lifestyle lemmings of Deadwood! (Iz's incredible 'do doesn't count because it looks so fantastic, and because I am respecting her choice.)

Also, pedicures -- except for special occasions -- are from this point on banned. I know how to take care of my own damn feet, and I've certainly got better things to do with that cash and precious time.

I am also done with the mincing, faux-supportive shitheads around here who view parenting as a competitive sport. I will try to be more honest and sincere in all conversations about my children, in their successes, their mediocrities, and their failures; but only if asked, or if I have something to get off my chest. I will do my best to listen to people who need to talk about their children, without bringing up my own. And I will do my best to quell any non-essential parenting chat so as to remind myself that there is more to both me and the adults around whom I spent so much time besides the fact that we share our homes with these amusing, ungrateful little people.

(These are all IRL declarations. This blogspace will still be a bitch- and brag-fest.)

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