A Really Great Story About Poop

A Really Great Story About Poop

I was in the kitchen giving Mali her breakfast. Iz was in the living room reading The American Girls Handy Book (no relation to this great sucking hole of glossy marketing) and yet again wondering why it was separate from the Boys and announcing that she was going to write the publishers to ask them to combine the two books. Leelo was sitting next to Iz watching (sigh) Teletubbies. Seymour had just assured me that Leelo went to the bathroom recently and shouldn't need to go for another twenty minutes, when Leelo hopped up in the middle of his program and hauled ass down the hall and into the bathroom, pulling down his pants and sitting on the potty. Turns out that his body had had a change in schedule, and he needed to poop right then. He didn't entirely make it, but the damage was limited to a small spot in his underwear, and most importantly, LEELO IS STARTING TO GET GOING TO THE BATHROOM AND CAN DO IT SPONTANEOUSLY AND INDEPENDENTLY ACCORDING TO THE CUES OF HIS BODY!

Oh happy day. Major poop epiphany.

Go Leelo go!


He is having a very good time in general lately, being very much more present. This morning he said, "Goodbye" and waved to Mali's teacher when *the teacher* asked him to say goodbye, and without any prompting from me.

His harness crying fit on the bus yesterday turned into a self-hitting and self-slapping incident that lasted all the way to school, much to the displeasure of a subsequent rider's parent: her child imitates such behavior. But the bus driver is a good one; she asked for patience during Leelo's first day and ran interference as much as she could. I am glad I didn't know about this until today because (of course) I feel for that parent, and would have had stress spasms all night, worrying about Leelo and the other kid on the bus today.

But as I didn't know about the drive-long fit owing to the morning and afternoon bus drivers being different people, today I put on Leelo's harness, put him on the bus, he got strapped in, Seymour, the bus driver, and I all looked at him, and Leelo looked back at us as if to say, "What are you still doing here? Isn't it time to go?"

No indication that there had ever been any issue with the harness. We didn't hear about Leelo's horrible previous bus ride until that point. By which time it was, thankfully and hopefully, completely in the past.

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