From Leelo's Daily Log

From Leelo's Daily Log

I've been neglecting Leelo's daily log this past week, too, which is a fairly good indicator that stress levels are going into the red. Today I did some catchup:
Lots of good cute appropriate instances: "I want to go home" when tired of going on errands with mom; demonstrating good 1:1 correspondence with counting body parts and cheerios up to 5, "Help with shoes, please," or "Help me, Mommy" in general; explaining "I'm skipping!" or "I'm dancing!" when asked to hurry up. Also lots of good receptive language [in terms of understanding]: "Pick up the baby dolls and put them in the crib. Don't forget the one underneath" "You can walk on the fence if you want to." etc. Also the kicker: Mom "What do you want to do?" Leelo: "I want to go on the [school] bus!"

Mostly very good, by our standards. Still some hitting and a lot of banging his head on my arms, scratching and pinching when very frustrated, etc., but otherwise very good, probably due to lack of exposure to stressful environments. A lot of cute interacting with mom and other people with his "scatting," especially when we get many sequences in a row correct and he will giggle and laugh and give us big hugs.

Very very good. No accidents except due to parental oversight. Very good at extending toileting interval where car travel/errands are involved (over 90 minutes). No accidents on bus so far. A few poops in the middle of the night/upon waking. (However I think that he, Mali, and I all have some mild intestinal something.)

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