Car Talk

Car Talk

I am increasingly amused by my older daughter. When I was in fourth grade, I was obsessed by Greek Mythology, A Little Princess, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Right now Iz is obsessed with:

  1. Cars/Aerodynamics Thereof
  2. The Simpsons
  3. World War II
Here are the books she's checked out from the library in the past week:

We were not able to find anything on how car shape affects aerodynamics, but it was great to see the librarian's face when she asked him to help her research it. The subject is also not covered in her copy of The Way Things Work. (Airplanes, yes. Cars, no.) I've not yet looked for online resources. Anyone?

Iz has asked me to set up a "playdate" with our new next door neighbor, Becky, as Becky is a car nut herself: she owns both a Cayenne Turbo and a Jaguar, and Iz is dying to get closer to both cars and talk about exactly why Becky chose them and how they perform and can she watch the Cayenne get raised and lowered to modify its aerodynamic profile? I think Iz also plans to stalk the Firebird-driving woman across the street.

One of the best playdates she's had recently, from an unknowingly-amusing-her-mother perspective, was when her cousins Danielle and Elise came over to swim. Danielle and Iz spent a good half-hour discussing what they remembered from their previous lives. Danielle was a competitive swimmer. Iz was a British Jew who was also a spy during World War II and she got caught and put in a concentration camp but she escaped. She says she's going to write a book about what it was like. I will try to remember to get her World War II timeline poster up on her wall, as per her request.

She is getting really good at drawing The Simpsons characters.

I am delighted to see her pursue her interests with such gusto. I am learning a lot, too.

First bit of computer time in ages. Must go update Leelo's home record for the past few days.

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