L3v3n Thump5*

L3v3n Thump5* **UPDATED**

Hey Fantasy/Sci Fi/YA lit fans! Ready for some bald-faced, nepotistic promotion and a free book opportunity?

The third book in the L3v3n Thump5 series comes out today. My brother-in-law is involved with the series and asked me to help promote it. Because I love my BIL and want him to succeed, I said no problem.

So, here's the dealie. If you bcc: me on a email telling at least eight of your friends about the new book, I will mail you your own copy of said tome. But this is only good for the first three people, as I bought the books myself at retail and they're only available in hardcover. :) Latecomers will get effusive thanks plus their names dropped into this space.


*No, my BIL doesn't read this blog. Hence the 1337.


It occurs to me that you might not want me knowing all your friends' email addresses. (Although I'm not the kind of person to take advantage of that scenario. Seriously. You could leave your diary face open on my desk and I wouldn't read it. Unless you put it online and made it public, of course.)

Anyhow, Durr. How about the first three people to promote the book on their blog and notify me about it?

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