Leelo’s Team Meeting 9/19/07

Leelo’s Team Meeting 9/19/07

Home News
Toilet training: accidents 3x per week, including times when Leelo starts pooing and then finishes into toilet. Last few weeks toileting time is shorter, no need for long sessions of reading stories, watching movies. Try casually blocking flusher to prevent serious flushing obsession problems.

Language and social interaction
Leelo playing with Iz in pool: waiting for her so they can count to 3 and jump in together; blew kisses goodbye to Mali; more spontaneous imitation with sisters

Purposeful engagement with toys, activities Leelo is enjoying more games and activities; when he initiates by tapping and calling name, prompt him to request “play with me” and engage him- he doesn’t always really want or need a straw right now.

Schedule use going well at school and in ABA, is very helpful in reducing problem behaviors during transitions, increasing independence; begin at home by November.

School News
Working with Leelo on tapping, independent work stations, picture schedule; staff is learning how to manage straws, prompting breaks during circle, prompting from behind, math 1 to 1 correspondence. New short term sub (Teacher D).

ABA therapy news:
  • Wearing headphones: Has worn them for up to 3 min and 30 sec. Most often still 5 to 10 seconds; try books/stories on tape and CD.
  • Function of objects: Knows toothbrush; working on bed
  • Sorting clothes into drawer: keep sweater and shirt separate (too similar)
  • Making sandwich: work on at kitchen counter; use child-sized containers for PB and J
  • Playdate possibilities: consider structured play with Iz
  • Tapping and calling name: Leelo getting fluent at tapping, doing spontaneously at home, school, with adults and peers; needs to call name also (e.g. getting out of seatbelt in car in order to tap mom).
Focusing in on behavior/Behavior Plan Revision (coordinate with next IEP)

Behavior plan checklist
  • reviewed; still appropriate/relevant
  • Clarifying triggers/antecedents to aggression and escalating sequences of behavior; emphasis this month. TV- keep Leelo seated and at least 8 feet from TV.
  • Intervening sooner to prevent contact and escalation: once we better identify escalating sequences and triggers, we can be more effective in intervening.
  • Supervisor LP taking over QA from Supervisor Andil: we will work with LP on evasion and other tactics for when Leelo is escalated.

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