I haven't been writing much as threefold back-to-schooling has been a bit overwhelming. But I will say that Leelo adjusted nicely to taking the bus to school. In fact, when I asked him what he wanted to do after dinner yesterday, he said, "I want to go on the bus!"

However, the bus schedule changed as of this morning. Previously Leelo was the last kid picked up and so had a straight shot from home to school. The morning bus driver assured me that my son had no behavioral issues. Now Leelo's the first kid of three, and so -- because he has so far been unable to sit still during the two afternoons per week when he takes the bus home and is the last kid of several dropped off -- has to wear a harness. Putting it on him resulted in instant tears. It's hard enough to put my sweet boy on a bus, harder still when he's sobbing. Although I do think he'll adjust.

He has not had any potty accidents on the bus in ten days of taking it. Fingers, toes, legs crossed.

Now my only difficulty is figuring how to get the two girls to their two different schools in two different parts of town while meeting the bus with Leelo here at command central, all at 8:30. But I am SMRT, and so believe that it will all work out somehow.

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